Elegy for Matt Mason (Script)

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Elegy for Matt Mason (Script)

“Elegy for Matt Mason” was one of four pieces we prepared for the 2011 Long Beach SoundWalk, and the one in which I was most deeply involved. That is, it was a wordy piece, and the words were mine. (The lyrics? The libretto? “Script” will do.) The Matt Mason Idea As Dave and I anticipated […]

SoundWalk 2012: crowdsourcing the post-production

We got a little behind posting media for our Long Beach SoundWalk 2012 project. Here are some other peoples’ take(s)…

Looking Backward (notes)

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Looking Backward (notes)

Ported from our former wiki, this “talk” page collected discussion and working notes for Looking Backward, performed as part of our Long Beach SoundWalk 2012 project.

now we are three

…in which we bemoan current travel restrictions, and admit distraction. Another year older, and a bit less to show for it, at least this side of 2011. wikiGong turned three July 26, 2012. Since last fall, we’ve had fewer travel opportunities—though audio recording gear has accompanied every trip we have managed—and have been a bit […]

looking forward to 9/1/2012 Long Beach SoundWalk

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looking forward to 9/1/2012 Long Beach SoundWalk

Recently arrived via email, words we optimistically look forward to, but don’t dare assume: This is official notification that you have been selected as a participant in SoundWalk 2012 to take place on the evening of September 1st (6PM-10PM). Now begins the effort to create/design/constrain, which we hope will culminate in an interesting and stimulating […]

ringing out 2011…with a backlog

…in which we contemplate our sense of time Can’t say I’m sad to see this one in the rearview mirror. Conventional wisdom re: wishing one’s life away aside, I usually prefer forging ahead to looking back. 2011 started well enough—full of real accomplishments for me, and here at wikiGong—but it’s ended up over budget and […]

SoundWalk 2011

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…in which we prepare our statement for posterity. The following was cross-posted to the SoundWalk 2011 artists’ pages. WIKIGONG wikiGong is a collective dedicated to cataloging the sounds of large public structures for creative purposes such as assembling virtual instruments. Our guiding metaphor is the large Indonesian gamelan ensemble—the gong gede—each of which is tuned […]

where’s my Future?

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…in which we mark the passing of July. A couple of F-series jets flew over the house this afternoon—I’m guessing en route to Moffett Field, maybe returning from the Travis AFB air show—and dropped a few aviation sound effects into the day along with a bit of military color (gray). As I mentioned in my […]

tidying up

…in which we sweep up before guests arrive. As we prepare to formally launch wikiGong as a public site this fall, there’s still a lot to do. The web site is still fairly disjointed, with three very loosely linked regions–home, wiki, and sounds–and two different membership lists. We’ll be launched before that’s all fixed, but […]

the rhetoric of equestrian bronzes

…in which we start installing the power plant and have a few more bright ideas. Jacob and I have been getting around to installing ccHost — the server engine behind ccMixter — on the wiki site for the last two weeks, in between everything else we’ve both been doing. Slow but steady seems to be […]