NIU music faculty Spring 1990

Works by and with some of us and others, some old, some new.

Temporary Loss of Faculties Take 3

A brief send-up of academic life with Harry Castle (TX synth), Rebecca Ayer (viola), and Dave Ayer (vocals, tape delay).

©1990 D A Ayer, Rebecca Ayer, and Harry Castle

Temporary Loss of Faculties Take 4

Another take. The performance at the NIU Composition Faculty Recital was not successfully recorded. What we have is these preparatory sessions. Harry liked Take 3 better.

©1990 D A Ayer, Rebecca Ayer, and Harry Castle

Defenestration Take 01

A sound experiment with Rebecca Ayer on viola using a Schertler dynamic pickup, through Dave’s time machine loop setup and voice-over. A completely impromptu session recorded Memorial Day 2009.

(cc)BY-SA 3.0 2009 Rebecca Ayer and D A Ayer

Copyrights are as marked. Works designated with © are property of their respective owners. Works marked (cc)BY-SA are available for re-use and mixing. If you do re-use the work, please comment with a trackback to your new composition and announce what you’ve done.

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