NIU music faculty Spring 1990

NIU School of Music Composition Faculty, Spring 1990. Harry D Castle is on the right. Thanks to R. Holly (center) for the photo.

Works by and with some of us and others, some old, some new.

Temporary Loss of Faculties Take 3

A brief send-up of academic life with Harry Castle (TX synth), Rebecca Ayer (viola), and Dave Ayer (vocals, tape delay).

©1990 D A Ayer, Rebecca Ayer, and Harry Castle

Temporary Loss of Faculties Take 4

Another take. The performance at the NIU Composition Faculty Recital was not successfully recorded. What we have is these preparatory sessions. Harry liked Take 3 better.

©1990 D A Ayer, Rebecca Ayer, and Harry Castle

Defenestration Take 01

A sound experiment with Rebecca Ayer on viola using a Schertler dynamic pickup, through Dave’s time machine loop setup and voice-over. A completely impromptu session recorded Memorial Day 2009.

(cc)BY-SA 3.0 2009 Rebecca Ayer and D A Ayer

Copyrights are as marked. Works designated with © are property of their respective owners. Works marked (cc)BY-SA are available for re-use and mixing. If you do re-use the work, please comment with a trackback to your new composition and announce what you’ve done.

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