The making of Military Sea Life: Recruits!

The making of <em>Military Sea Life: Recruits!</em>

…in which wikiGong dives once again into turbulent waters with phog masheeen for an artist-curated video sound event under the aegis of soundpedro2022.

Posting a little New Abalonia video

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Posting a little New Abalonia video

…in which we gild a recent lily…

Breath of Heaven is a meditation on air and water first shown June 4 at soundpedro2022 in southern California.

and back on the GDB

and back on the GDB

…in which *** SPOILERS *** Saturday, July 12, found Jacob and Dave out on the Gerald Desmond Bridge again in Long Beach, doing what we do: listening to lampposts, taking photos and video of infrastructure and plastic manikins, impromptu interviews with the Port of Long Beach Harbor Patrol. Our Saturday morning adventures were followed by […]

the last SoundWalk

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the last SoundWalk

Well, there we were…as always, right where we weren’t supposed to be…at SoundWalk 2013 in Long Beach. Back near our starting point, actually, over on 3rd Street between Elm Ave. and Long Beach Blvd. For three of the last four years we’ve been within a few doorways of the same spot. Igor Amokian was out […]

SoundWalk 2012: crowdsourcing the post-production

We got a little behind posting media for our Long Beach SoundWalk 2012 project. Here are some other peoples’ take(s)…

the GGB turns seventy five

…in which history repeats itself…. Couldn’t let the day go by without noting the event, though thousands of others have marked it already. A few of my favorites: Golden Gate Bridge Opening May 27, 1937 Pedestrian Walk Golden Gate Bridge Under Construction Golden Gate Opus with the Marin Symphony The SF Chronicle’s take

at last, a little fun

…in which we lose our YouTube virginity. Thanks, Robin! Let’s see if that works…. We’ve replaced the old video embed with a YouTube player and playlist. You’ll note the video had to be re-edited to get down to under-ten-minute segments, so there’s a break between the two sections that hopefully won’t be too annoying. Well, […]