Dave’s Golden Gate Bridge obsession and more.

Song 01 for Joseph B Strauss (mp3)(cc)BY-SA 3.0 2009 D A Ayer
[audio:Song 01 for Joseph B Strauss]
A mixture of sound created from the statue of Strauss at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. It turns out the software I am using tries to turn anything into beats and notes. I ran the discussion Jacob and I had with the Schertler mic attached to JB’s statue—Interview with Joseph B Strauss—through Mark of the Unicorn’s Digital Performer, inadvertently generating the two MIDI lines used in this work. The MIDI loops were fed to two different digital synths in the studio, creating marimba, piano, and bass tracks. The left-to-right rolling “tympani” are actually nearly raw bridge material. That’s the first suspender on the southeast approach, with a low-pass filter applied to reduce wind noise.

Song 02 for Joseph B Strauss (mp3)(cc)BY-SA 3.0 2009 D A Ayer
More of the same MIDI technique. This song is a bit of serendipity that occurred during a break from the tedious work of extracting sound samples to load into the Roland V-Synth. Three one-minute samples from Golden Gate Bridge assay 2 were used to generate the MIDI tracks, which were applied as loops to the studio synths with different voicings. There are two takes of three MIDI voices mixed to stereo. The four resulting tracks were then aligned and bounced to a single stereo track.

Raga for Joseph B Strauss (mp3)(cc)BY-SA 3.0 2010 D A Ayer
The sampled rolling thunder sound of the Golden Gate Bridge main cable is juxtaposed with a Yamaha S80 gamelan ostinato and run through Reason’s Thor, also triggering NN19 synths. The search for stochastic Nirvana continues….

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