a blood moon

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a blood moon

…in which a lunatic project comes to fruition. My current working method does not lend itself to any industrial definition of “quality”: I don’t seem to be able to do anything twice. But I do sometimes manage to compose a durable artifact from otherwise ephemeral sources. Blood Moon for Bankers is one of those pieces […]

back in the saddle

back in the saddle

…and riding through the ruins… The good news is that Studio One has risen again, fully functional, minus the expansion channels sacrificed to Wanderlust. Shakedown testing presented an opportunity to record a couple of “etudes”: nothing ambitious, just a bit of fun to post. The bad news? Cameras are dropping like flies! Etude #1: Back […]

one studio, shaken, not stirred

one studio, shaken, not stirred

…in which we up our roots. Summer 2014 is coming and, with it, the threat of fall—and another Long Beach performance opportunity. This year, it won’t be SoundWalk. FLOOD is taking a year off to contemplate a more grandiose reincarnation in 2015. But autumn beckons, even in late springtime. “The party season,” as some would […]

dowsing ccMixter

…in which we continue the search for our lost tribe…. Dave’s been cross-posting wikiGong.com material to ccMixter.org for the past week or so and is planning to push out a bit more. Presenting our compiled efforts here, at our Sounds site, is great—we reuse the ccHost technology, demonstrate its power, get our own stuff out […]

terrible twos

…in which we contemplate our second birthday. The wikiGong website will be two years old tomorrow, July 26, 2011. You can read about the trepidation leading up to the launch on our first blog entry—wikiGong countdown—or by following the countdown tag. The site is eight months younger than the domain name registration, but it’s the […]

a few more orbits before firing Stage 3

…in which we scrub the ccHost launch and look for a new window. shhhhh! ccHost is installed and running on wikiGong! In many ways, the last month has been a blast: hacking php and java scripts; wrestling with a new and pretty complex tool set; posting, reloading, making mistakes — I’ve completely hidden or blown […]

slouching towards Nashville

…in which we update our population estimate and glimpse the next horizon. Progress marches on! Over three (four?) evenings this week Jacob and I have managed to get the ccHost engine installed and functioning on the site! Each stage has involved equal parts drudgery, frustration, and success. Really, it’s taken far fewer hours than I […]

just checking the barn

…in which we notice a long time has passed. It’s been a while since I checked in, so I thought it might do to at least indicate I’m still around. I’ve been playing at other tools since December, notably FaceBook and Gimp, which have given me an outlet to publish napkin art. If you’re into […]

the wiki is coming! the wiki is coming!

…in which we find ourselves once again about to cross over. We installed MediaWiki on the site host this past Saturday (scripts on GoDaddy made this trivial). No easy link to the wiki exist on the main page as yet because we’re too busy to set the necessary policies. Even if no one is really […]