now we are three

…in which we bemoan current travel restrictions, and admit distraction.

Another year older, and a bit less to show for it, at least this side of 2011. wikiGong turned three July 26, 2012. Since last fall, we’ve had fewer travel opportunities—though audio recording gear has accompanied every trip we have managed—and have been a bit swept up in things besides audio capture:

  • SoundWalk 2011 convinced us that our approach to SoundWalk 2012 should be simpler. Which of course has led to complications in the preparation.
  • Marching in the Arrow Rock July Fourth parade ad hoc kazoo band didn’t actually detract from serious field recording—though we have yet to post our nocturnal insect chorus clips, which are fine and loud—but we’re not likely to upload the results here.
  • Learning more CSS has taken a lot of time. Though not without rewards, it’s more evident on our sister site dekalborama than it is here. Once we get around to applying that knowledge to these pages, it should at least speed up our posting.
  • Dekalborama has itself consumed the better part of our web attention as we’ve been uploading artifacts from past decades and wrestling with HTML5 and self-hosted video. Again, the fruits will be evident here someday.
  • Last but not least, keeping two sites—each running both WordPress and MediaWiki, which need regular updating and spam patrol—has been a bit taxing. The changes to MediaWiki 1.18 and 1.19 in particular caused some havoc with the TwentyTen skin we’ve become used to; we’re hoping future upgrades will be a bit kinder, or that our experience will start making recovery a bit easier.

Still, our collection grew even if we’re behind in the postings. Expect someday soon to hear:

We’ll add the links here once they’re up. As always, feel free to sign up, upload, remix, and contribute on our Sounds pages. That’s probably where we’ll point our newly earned CSS merit badge next….