Posting a little New Abalonia video

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Posting a little New Abalonia video

…in which we gild a recent lily…

As a follow-up to our in-person appearance at soundpedro2022’s live event June 4, I’ve released some of the video material to the usual outlets. Breath of Heaven, part of’s ongoing Song of New Abalonia project, is now available on both Vimeo and YouTube.

Breath of Heaven is a meditation on air and water. Most life depends utterly on the balance between these two transparent, fluid mediums; yet we perceive their boundary only indirectly, through change, and dependent on which side we happen to be on. Bubbles rising, for example, make surprisingly intricate sounds if you happen to be under water and listening, or otherwise adequately equipped.

[Cue musings on man, days of, as grass; trees, unattended, falling in forests; rivers, stepping in twice, futility of…]

Content was created using a tire pump and captured using a hydrophone and underwater camera. The thirty-five second loop cycles five times, with increasing reverb the only added effect other than mastering for video.