Updated: 2020-04-22

wikiGong.com is a non-commercial venture originating from the United States of America. Domain ownership and contact details may be obtained through ICANN.

Commercial hosting services

wikiGong.com is hosted by a commercial web service. We have chosen our contract terms in accordance with our privacy and security policies, and to minimize advertising and other intrusion. Nonetheless, we make no representation or guarantee of server location.

Our contract with the hosting service includes explicit agreements forbidding the posting of materials which are prohibited by law; in certain cases, these agreements may be more stringent than our editorial policies but shall nevertheless remain in force.

Please direct questions about hosting and services to us at gongmaster@wikigong.com.

Privacy Policy

Please see our separate Privacy Policy page.

File Dependencies

Some of the files available for download at wikiGong.com may require the installation of third-party software, drivers, plug-ins, extensions, and/or libraries [collectively, programs] before they can be viewed or listened to. Visitors to the site are responsible for obtaining and installing such programs themselves.

Licenses and Copyrights

wikiGong exists to collect and release media for reuse in free cultural works. As such, we encourage use and reuse of materials in accordance with the intent of creators, while respecting applicable copyright law.

Creative Commons (CC) licenses

The wikiGong project adheres to the principles of free sharing for cultural purposes as espoused by the Creative Commons. Creative Commons licensed material is identified here using the various (CC) marks:

More information can be found at the Creative Commons website and on Wikipedia.


wikiGong intends to publish copyrighted work only with the express permission of the copyright holders. US copyright law is extensive and the penalties for abuse can be severe. Please take the law seriously. Do not use copyrighted material without permission!

When submitting or embedding copyrighted material—even in comments—be sure to attribute the copyright to its rightful owner and to include the text “Used with permission.”

Copyrighted material is identified using the (c) or © marks.

Fair use

“Fair use” provisions apply only in certain restricted circumstances. Fair use has become increasingly difficult to establish in a court of law. wikiGong is unable to defend its members in legal disputes over fair use and copyright; if in doubt, assume copyright restrictions apply to material you are copying and do not post without permission.

A discussion of some of the issues surrounding copyright and fair use can be found at mediaWiki.

Editorial Policies

The editors at wikiGong.com reserve the right to purge content from the site for any reason.

As part of our ongoing editorial process, if we discover copyrighted material on the site without attribution or evidence of right to use, it will be removed. Material will be removed promptly if deemed likely to be:

  • in violation of applicable international, US, or state law
  • in violation of US copyright law
  • contradictory to our privacy policy

While we recognize that “taste” is a personal issue, wikiGong.com does not guarantee any protection against removal of materials, including comments, trackbacks, pingbacks, or other voluntary visitor submissions deemed offensive or inappropriate by our editorial staff.

Abuse reporting

Report abuses of our privacy and copyright policies to gongMaster@wikiGong.com.


Direct any questions about this policy, including appeals, to gongMaster@wikiGong.com.