looking forward to 9/1/2012 Long Beach SoundWalk

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looking forward to 9/1/2012 Long Beach SoundWalk

Recently arrived via email, words we optimistically look forward to, but don’t dare assume:

This is official notification that you have been selected as a participant in SoundWalk 2012 to take place on the evening of September 1st (6PM-10PM).

Now begins the effort to create/design/constrain, which we hope will culminate in an interesting and stimulating evening for all involved that Saturday. One prediction would be safe, even if I knew less than I do about wikiGong ruminations so far: We will introduce some interesting new wrinkles. (That’s supposed to introduce a pleasant tingle of suspense. Did it work? Is additional emphasis required?)

Early wikiGong concept sketch for the 9/1/2012 Long Beach SoundWalk; by Dave Ayer.

As always, crucial details must be worked out. We don’t know where we’ll be, and experience shows that even when we think we know, we may be wrong.

Last time we checked, the SoundWalk site told us the event begins at 5:00 PM. 5:00 PM? 6:00 PM? It makes a difference to those of us with demanding schedules. Will we begin when the night is young, or even younger?

Ah, details.

These—and more—shall give way beneath the steaming pressure of the wikiGong iron (and its freight of metaphor)….

Stay tuned.


  1. gongMaster

    SoundWalk 2012 preparations are ongoing @ the wiki if you’d like to join in, or are just hunting for the link.

  2. gongMaster

    Well, the “oracle” turned out to be a bit too prescient. This poster, fabricated mid-June, 2012, was a tongue-in-cheek hat-tip to Laurie Anderson: specifically, her work Night in Baghdad, whose lyrics evoke some of our own working methods. But out of respect for the people of Aurora, Colorado, wikiGong will not be wearing any gas masks on September 1.