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Golden Gate Bridge north tower

The great gong

Inspired by the Indonesian gamelan ensemble, we catalog the sounds made by real megastructures and in so doing create virtual instruments. These are available for use in performances or musical compositions by anyone so inclined. Links to and excerpts from future works will be hosted here, too.

wikiGong is here to enable new forms of musical collaboration over the worldwide web. We’re not alone, and if in the end we find we’re not offering anything unique the site will be mothballed or dismantled like an unused distillery. We’re looking for contributors and idea people, but especially experienced web-savvy individuals who would like to help build something new. Please get in touch.


some of our gear

Some of our gear

As evidenced everywhere on this site, it’s an “idea first, technology very much its handmaiden” kind of site. We’ve managed to add both a functioning wiki area using the MediaWiki engine and a file sharing capability based on ccHost. Here are some of the many remaining things we’re still working on:

  • Integrating the look and feel of the whole site. It’s still a pretty loosely knit together bunch of applications. But so far they all work!
  • Integrating our new webforum. This is not about posting one person’s collection of ephemera to the web; it’s about posting everybody’s ephemera to the web….
  • Navigation, navigation, navigation. One of the fora is called “doglegs and rabbit holes.” Might as well be the whole site right now!
  • Embracing new members and getting the gongMob activities started….

Core staff

wikiGong is, as of today, an army of two with a few co-conspirators helping out. Contact us for access to the wiki pages or to tell us what you think.


When the cavalry comes riding over the hills to save us, you’ll be the first to know. Until then, we are what we are.

Monetary considerations

How can we afford to do this? Well, we don’t know yet whether we can. It’s just another facet of the experiment. T-shirt sales are a well-known and insufficient source of funding for large projects, and we don’t have any designed as yet. Perhaps after prolonged experimentation we’ll amass some convenient data sets that have commercial interest. Or come up with some T-shirt ideas. In the meantime, we invite participation and proposals of merit or comedic value.

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  1. Douglas Bland

    Hello, I’m with the Dirty Chaps and we are scheduled to share the Art Park stage with Wikigong this Saturday night in Long Beach for PUMP. I am hoping to get together with you about some logistical issues, such as sharing PA and lighting, etc, and maybe a plan of action. Please call me at [ed: contact info deleted].


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