dowsing ccMixter

…in which we continue the search for our lost tribe…. Dave’s been cross-posting material to for the past week or so and is planning to push out a bit more. Presenting our compiled efforts here, at our Sounds site, is great—we reuse the ccHost technology, demonstrate its power, get our own stuff out […]

slouching towards Nashville

…in which we update our population estimate and glimpse the next horizon. Progress marches on! Over three (four?) evenings this week Jacob and I have managed to get the ccHost engine installed and functioning on the site! Each stage has involved equal parts drudgery, frustration, and success. Really, it’s taken far fewer hours than I […]

omg it’s going live

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…in which events overtake us in a big way. Uploading files is like hanging in the castle tower waiting for the lightning to strike. File by file, first the video and now the audio files are inching their way ftp-ward. I really hadn’t meant it to get this far already but need to do a […]

wikiGong countdown

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wikiGong countdown

…in which we breathe deeply in rapt anticipation. Eight months in the making…or is it twenty years? wikiGong is about to launch…. Back in the Eighties I was a member of one or more of the disintegrating-reintegrating electronic/rock/blues bands — it really was hard to tell how many — that percolated on one particular Midwest […]