SoundWalk 2012: crowdsourcing the post-production

What people see and capture they sometimes post, some more quickly than others. Here’s a little compendium of links to Long Beach SoudWalk 2012 videos we’ve run across, almost all appearing within thirty days of the event. Our own post-production clean-up continues to lag behind. (Those pesky day gigs! You try washing them out….)

We’re not in most of these. All works are copyright their respective creators/owners (contact us if you want these taken down).


Long Beach SoundWalk 2012 by Brucex8, 2012-09-02


Long Beach SOUNDWALK 2012 by lbreport, 2012-09-02


phog masheeen @ 2012 Soundwalk by wm almas, 2012-09-06