reimagining Matt Mason

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reimagining Matt Mason

…in which we revive classic themes. We’ll be reprising Elegy for Matt Mason—one of our earlier collaborative works—at this fall’s A LOT event in Long Beach, but without our full complement of personnel. That means redubbing the original video so there’s a violin track, and an excuse to embellish and tweak a bit. Cue one […]

filmredigering, Stockholm

filmredigering, Stockholm

…in which we work on our upcoming roadshow…from the road. Deadlines come in many forms, but the only ones that absorb my full attention these days seem to be performances. Since these are usually far away from the studio, readiness involves getting the media files done well in advance—or at least a bit ahead of […]

posters, get yer wikiGong posters!

posters, get yer wikiGong posters!

…in which we prepare our usual media blitz. If Long Beach A LOT 2014 is anything like 2013, these aren’t really the final posters. Last year’s dates, venue, and lineup all changed and we couldn’t have predicted the outcome of an autumn equinox show by the end of July (this year, “October” starts in September, […]

ringing out 2011…with a backlog

…in which we contemplate our sense of time Can’t say I’m sad to see this one in the rearview mirror. Conventional wisdom re: wishing one’s life away aside, I usually prefer forging ahead to looking back. 2011 started well enough—full of real accomplishments for me, and here at wikiGong—but it’s ended up over budget and […]

terrible twos

…in which we contemplate our second birthday. The wikiGong website will be two years old tomorrow, July 26, 2011. You can read about the trepidation leading up to the launch on our first blog entry—wikiGong countdown—or by following the countdown tag. The site is eight months younger than the domain name registration, but it’s the […]

a new year

…in which we contemplate our tools, website navigation, and another face lift. So much to do, so little time. A well-worn complaint, about to be donned again as the general excuse for so few updates here recently. First of all, when we last checked in on these blog pages, SoundWalk 2010 was coming right up. […]

tidying up

…in which we sweep up before guests arrive. As we prepare to formally launch wikiGong as a public site this fall, there’s still a lot to do. The web site is still fairly disjointed, with three very loosely linked regions–home, wiki, and sounds–and two different membership lists. We’ll be launched before that’s all fixed, but […]

putting alligators in the moat

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…in which we note the waters are cloudy, just right for sharks…. We’ve been busy, though it may not show. After the wikiGong sounds launch, the focus has been on sampling and composition. There’s new stuff on the sounds site, including a number of Jacob’s oil pump recordings and the first of the European bronzes […]