soundpedro 2019: Bees of the Dead

Alternate theme image for Blessings of the Bees of the Dead performance

Blessings for the Bees of the Dead

wikiGong will perform once again in SoCal with an extended ensemble wearing environmentally-generated audio. Jacob‘s long fascination with apiculture–he is an active member of the Long Beach Beekepers–and our incipient dread of the impact of species collapse suggested our theme for soundpedro 2019.

Blessings for the Bees of the Dead is a sound art performance:

Saturday, June 1, 2019
6:00 — 10:00 pm

Angels Gate Cultural Center
3601 South Gaffey Street
San Pedro, California 90731

More details are on our project page. The event is sponsored by Long Beach FLOOD‘s annual soundpedro project.

Return to San Pedro 2018

View of hilltop at Angels Gate Park.

wikiGong’s site at soundpedro 2018

Though we’ve been a bit tardy updating these news pages, wikigong has been busy enough. Following the last Long Beach Soundwalk, we appeared at FLOOD’s 2017 soundpedro event. We’re back in 2018, presenting a collection of wind-driven instruments on the hills overlooking Angels Gate.

Aeolus Woke invokes the Greek keeper of the winds, summoning sound from various objects in the series. For this appearance we will show and sound a variety of self-orienting wind harps we’ve been working on.

Update June 5, 2018:
And now after the fact, find the video here.

Electric wind harp version 02C installed on rooftop for testing

Electric wind harp version 02C under test

SoundWalk 2013

Requiem poster concept

Requiem for the Gerald Desmond Bridge

We’ll be doing it again for SoundWalk Long Beach’s tenth (and final!) year, October 5 2013. Our statement, for the record:

Requiem is wikiGong’s elegy on the sound of the Gerald Desmond Bridge. Scheduled for demolition 2016, soon to fall silent beside its replacement, even a civil engineering landmark is ephemeral.

More on the blog pages….

More photos than you can shake a stick at on Jacob’s Flickr page

Progress unveiled on the wiki, along with our work plan.

SoundWalk 2012

Oracle du Jour

SoundWalk 2012

Long Beach FLOOD has invited us to participate in this year’s program on September 1. Jacob’s response to our acceptance notice is on the blog pages.

We’re working on our entry—Oracle du Jour is just one possibility—and will post more blogs, images, and sounds as they emerge. Stay tuned….

So many projects

Where Is My Future?

As if we’d recovered from SoundWalk 2011…. We’ve still had a lot going on, it just hasn’t made it up here yet:

    • Exploring the Alviso Slough and the industrial side of the south Bay has been an on-again, off-again passion ever since we failed to finish the Where is My Future? video series. We’re just amassing more and more material: check out Three Worlds for a sample.
    • The Sundial Bridge—Santiago Calatrava’s bit of spun sugar in Redding, California— was assayed briefly in June 2012. A travelogue will follow as soon as there’s time, but the photos were more dramatic than the sound that day. Popular place!
  • Pumping up has been an all-consuming nostalgia trip and technical challenge for much of 2012. For example, we’ve got video functioning on the site, something we’ll repeat here in due time. But right now it’s time to get on with SoundWalk 2012.

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