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We’ll shortly submit to the cPanel juggernaut, for better or worse. Or maybe we’ll bail in favor of some other hosting solution. You should notice nothing. Nothing!


Coming soon, though perhaps not soon enough…

Recent news

Our files have moved!

We’ve been planning to transfer our library of free content to the greater commons—and, in the process, simplify these pages—for some time now. We’ve now moved our files to public media sharing and collaboration platforms:

Our MediaWiki and ccHost file migration is now complete: we’ve shut down both wikiGongMain and wikiGong Sounds. We’ve tried to provide links from our pages here to all our materials at their new homes. Of course you can contact us with any concerns!

Old news

wikiGong at soundpedro 2020

Cover image for wikiGong at soundpedro 2020

“Unfairly Used”, one of our works originally planned for soundpedro 2020

Our new media work The Price replaced wikiGong’s planned offerings at soundpedro 2020 after the venue was closed to comply with Californian pandemic directives. The audio portion was featured during soundpedro’s schizophonia: Virtual Breakout During the Outbreak streamcast on June 6, 2020.

Links to complete works “reimagined” for a virtual venue are still being added to soundpedro’s posts pages. But since binaural audio comprised only two dimensions of our intent, we’ve posted the video on Vimeo for the curious.

soundpedro 2019: Bees of the Dead

wikiGong performed with an extended ensemble wearing environmentally-generated audio. Jacob‘s long fascination with apiculture–he is an active member of the Long Beach Beekepers–and our incipient dread of the impact of species collapse suggested our theme for soundpedro 2019. The event was sponsored by Long Beach FLOOD‘s annual soundpedro project.

More details are on our soundpedro 2019 project page.

soundpedro 2018: Aeolus Woke

In 2018 we returned to FLOOD’s 2018 soundpedro event, presenting a collection of wind-driven instruments on the hills overlooking Angels Gate. Aeolus Woke invoked the Greek keeper of the winds.

A few documenta are on our soundpedro 2018 project page.

Secondhand news

RIP Aldo Tambellini, November 12, 2020

RIP John Prine, April 7, 2020

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