tidying up

…in which we sweep up before guests arrive.

As we prepare to formally launch wikiGong as a public site this fall, there’s still a lot to do. The web site is still fairly disjointed, with three very loosely linked regions–home, wiki, and sounds–and two different membership lists. We’ll be launched before that’s all fixed, but at least all the links should work!

Organization is simplified a wee bit, and the wikiGong home sidebar is a bit more rational. The three main subject areas are on top now, with nested pages and/or redirects. Mr. Yesterday’s image wavers uniformly wherever it appears. Disclaimers now points to the wiki, which has the fullest explanation (and the pages there are protected). Three pages—links (vectors), performances, and compositions—are retired, their contents redistributed slightly. Redirects have been attempted but we’ll see what Google’s web tools say about that in a week or so.
Update 2020-04-23: Our updated site policies are now published on WordPress pages.]

This is probably the last blog we’ll have before our SoundWalk trip. The preparations list has been long but it’s slowly getting done:

  • Scheme and plan
  • Apply
  • Get accepted
  • Rehearse
  • Order reason upgrade
  • Identify equipment to borrow
  • Deal with rescheduled event
  • Buy equipment unavailable to loan or rent
  • Rehearse
  • Design and order business cards
  • Design and order posters
  • Tidy up web site

—– current point in time —–

  • Arrange for the meet and greet event
  • Rehearse
  • Tidy up sample
  • Rehearse
  • Pack
  • Drive
  • Fly
  • Set up
  • Perform
  • Collapse
  • Rewind

…no wonder it’s gotten late.