raising the barn

…in which I find some of the pieces are starting to feel a bit heavy This post shares its title with the current task list over at dekalbowiki. My last two weeks have been largely devoted to the heavy lifting of whacking the MediaWiki installation into place, reimplementing the WordPress look and feel, and starting […]

ice fishing

…in which I admit to moonlighting again It’s been quite a week here for re-creation: that is, I am relearning the lessons of getting wikigong.com launched, reconfigured, and launched again, as I apply them to dekalborama.com. Now that we’re in that site’s third trimester, it seemed a little attention was in order, so on January […]

ringing out 2011…with a backlog

…in which we contemplate our sense of time Can’t say I’m sad to see this one in the rearview mirror. Conventional wisdom re: wishing one’s life away aside, I usually prefer forging ahead to looking back. 2011 started well enough—full of real accomplishments for me, and here at wikiGong—but it’s ended up over budget and […]

an epic day

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an epic day

…in which we direct, and are directed. With only three weeks to go until SoundWalk 2011, my signature piece Where Is My Future needed a final content infusion. This weekend, Becky and I set out to gather the second video installment in preparation for production, and got more than we bargained for. I’ll try to […]

wiki troubles

…in which we once more feel the pain of webmastering… Today started out bright and sunny with a fine breakfast and a quick look at the website revealing slow performance and database connection errors. These came and went, and by afternoon everything looked fine. Maybe it was just network congestion, or the last of those […]

SoundWalk 2011

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SoundWalk 2011

…in which we prepare our statement for posterity. The following was cross-posted to the SoundWalk 2011 artists’ pages. WIKIGONG wikiGong is a collective dedicated to cataloging the sounds of large public structures for creative purposes such as assembling virtual instruments. Our guiding metaphor is the large Indonesian gamelan ensemble—the gong gede—each of which is tuned […]

pretty but dangerous

…in which we ponder WordPress, Web 2.0, and brinkmanship. Let’s take them in reverse order…. Brinkmanship. Sucks. But enough about the US debt ceiling, Congress, and network news. While the world ground down its own axle on this self-parody of US braggadocio, I was busy trying to get Google Analytics working again after the site […]

where’s my Future?

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…in which we mark the passing of July. A couple of F-series jets flew over the house this afternoon—I’m guessing en route to Moffett Field, maybe returning from the Travis AFB air show—and dropped a few aviation sound effects into the day along with a bit of military color (gray). As I mentioned in my […]

terrible twos

…in which we contemplate our second birthday. The wikiGong website will be two years old tomorrow, July 26, 2011. You can read about the trepidation leading up to the launch on our first blog entry—wikiGong countdown—or by following the countdown tag. The site is eight months younger than the domain name registration, but it’s the […]

nearing the finish line

…in which I pronounce the 2011 makeover nearly done When starting this in May, I was sure it would be wrapped up before June. Let’s just say I learned a lot. And that there was a lot of porting from way back that needed doing. Now almost three weeks into a second month, I can […]