Big Data, Brother

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Big Data, Brother

Can’t shake the feeling…. Yesterday, I attended a conference up in San Mateo entitled “Data Alchemy—Emerging Trends of Predictive Analytics for Business Leaders.” On almost any given day, the Bay Area has one or more such events going on: seminars, conferences, and workshops—both paid and free to attend—where ambitious small companies strut their inventions, services, […]

raising the barn

…in which I find some of the pieces are starting to feel a bit heavy This post shares its title with the current task list over at dekalbowiki. My last two weeks have been largely devoted to the heavy lifting of whacking the MediaWiki installation into place, reimplementing the WordPress look and feel, and starting […]

putting alligators in the moat

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…in which we note the waters are cloudy, just right for sharks…. We’ve been busy, though it may not show. After the wikiGong sounds launch, the focus has been on sampling and composition. There’s new stuff on the sounds site, including a number of Jacob’s oil pump recordings and the first of the European bronzes […]

vandalbot wars

We continue our efforts to protect the site from vandalism while cleaving as close to the open wiki spirit as we dare.