putting alligators in the moat

Posted by on Aug 24, 2010 in security, site history, wikiGong | No Comments

…in which we note the waters are cloudy, just right for sharks….

We’ve been busy, though it may not show. After the wikiGong sounds launch, the focus has been on sampling and composition. There’s new stuff on the sounds site, including a number of Jacob’s oil pump recordings and the first of the European bronzes (only one horse, so far). [Update 2020-04-23: Links to wikiGong/Sounds have been replaced as our collaboration space is being retired.]

July was a cautionary tale about site security vulnerabilities. We lived to tell the tale. More than anyone wants to know is on the wiki pages; yes, it should have been blogged, but the wiki was faster and this was a real time exercise. Finally we implemented a simple CAPTCHA routine to discriminate against non-human vandals.
[Update 2020-04-23: vandalbot wars has been ported to a blog post.]

And we’re heading to SoundWalk in October. Excitement!