at last, a little fun

…in which we lose our YouTube virginity.

Thanks, Robin! Let’s see if that works….

We’ve replaced the old video embed with a YouTube player and playlist. You’ll note the video had to be re-edited to get down to under-ten-minute segments, so there’s a break between the two sections that hopefully won’t be too annoying. Well, it’s probably way less annoying than either a 20 minute download without preview or the “Q?” we were seeing on Macs. Anyway, Robin was right and now that we’re over our inborn male intransigence about proving that we, too, could field dress a moose if we really wanted to, the video should at least play.

Let us know if it doesn’t. Next step will be audio troubleshooting; but * wait * we are already distracted over something else…

…which is that Digital Performer is able to extract MIDI data from sound clips. So we have just managed to play back some of the GGB Assay #2 samples through the studio synthesizers! The pitch following is interesting enough, but when synched with the soundbites themselves it is very interesting. Since this sort of thing is what the site’s about—not about posting videos or troubleshooting HTML—we’re more stoked than ever.

Can the sounds also be patched creatively using the convolution reverb tool? Another lost weekend of discovery looms before us!