just checking the barn

…in which we notice a long time has passed.

It’s been a while since I checked in, so I thought it might do to at least indicate I’m still around. I’ve been playing at other tools since December, notably FaceBook and Gimp, which have given me an outlet to publish napkin art. If you’re into that, check out the FaceBook link. [Update 2020-04-23: FaceBook link has been removed.]

As often happens, a little more exposure teaches me once again that everything here has been done before. I’ve not found it done quite the same way, which is motivation to keep on.

Speaking of tools, Jacob is working on the standalone ccMixter engine to see whether we can get that up and running. That will provide a way to truly share content on the site, not just point to others (though, in a pinch that might do). Maybe a guest blog spot will follow once we figure it out.

I am continuing to boil down samples into formats suitable for Roland’s V-Synth but must admit it is slow going. Large dynamic and timbral ranges are a challenge for a sampling synth, and the amount of time used learning the interface to yet another box adds to the challenge. Still, it is great to be able to load the sound of the foghorn recorded through the effigy of Joseph B and play it back over an octave or so.