slouching towards Nashville

…in which we update our population estimate and glimpse the next horizon.

Progress marches on! Over three (four?) evenings this week Jacob and I have managed to get the ccHost engine installed and functioning on the site! Each stage has involved equal parts drudgery, frustration, and success. Really, it’s taken far fewer hours than I expected to get something up and working.

Now, of course, we need to thoroughly test, then thoroughly tweak, and make this ours as much as the wiki is. Somehow these tools need to gel together and become a seamless site, or at least appear as one. So there’s lots of work to do. But I’m hopeful we’ll have enough of the security work done that we can fire stage three in the next few weeks:

  1. becomes operational 2009-07-26
  2. wikiGongMain wiki is launched using MediaWiki engine 2009-11-27
  3. Now if we can get file sharing enabled this month we’ll have a nice rhythm going….

And finally Jacob said something about “the army of one” that made me want to take that down. We’re an army of at least two now….