back in the saddle

back in the saddle

…and riding through the ruins… The good news is that Studio One has risen again, fully functional, minus the expansion channels sacrificed to Wanderlust. Shakedown testing presented an opportunity to record a couple of “etudes”: nothing ambitious, just a bit of fun to post. The bad news? Cameras are dropping like flies! Etude #1: Back […]

one studio, shaken, not stirred

one studio, shaken, not stirred

…in which we up our roots. Summer 2014 is coming and, with it, the threat of fall—and another Long Beach performance opportunity. This year, it won’t be SoundWalk. FLOOD is taking a year off to contemplate a more grandiose reincarnation in 2015. But autumn beckons, even in late springtime. “The party season,” as some would […]

the GGB turns seventy five

…in which history repeats itself…. Couldn’t let the day go by without noting the event, though thousands of others have marked it already. A few of my favorites: Golden Gate Bridge Opening May 27, 1937 Pedestrian Walk Golden Gate Bridge Under Construction Golden Gate Opus with the Marin Symphony The SF Chronicle’s take

SoundWalk 2011

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…in which we prepare our statement for posterity. The following was cross-posted to the SoundWalk 2011 artists’ pages. WIKIGONG wikiGong is a collective dedicated to cataloging the sounds of large public structures for creative purposes such as assembling virtual instruments. Our guiding metaphor is the large Indonesian gamelan ensemble—the gong gede—each of which is tuned […]

where’s my Future?

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…in which we mark the passing of July. A couple of F-series jets flew over the house this afternoon—I’m guessing en route to Moffett Field, maybe returning from the Travis AFB air show—and dropped a few aviation sound effects into the day along with a bit of military color (gray). As I mentioned in my […]

nearing the finish line

…in which I pronounce the 2011 makeover nearly done [Update 2020-04-23: This post is a bit of history. As we are retiring both our ccHost and MediWiki pages, links below have been replaced to maintain access to the original content or removed if no longer applicable.] When starting this in May, I was sure it […]

confessions of a project junkie

…in which I admit to beating around the bush. To the end, I will insist all this hemming and hawing may lead to meaningful accomplishment. Over the course of two weekends, I’ve managed to hammer the wikiGong site into a slightly more approachable—or at least more familiar?—form. A few things are starting to work as […]

a gong is retired

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…in which we bid farewell to the former WNIU transmitter tower. Well, it happened just a few months after we captured it. Northern Illinois University’s Kishwaukee Hall was demolished in the early fall, and with it the old WNIU tower, whose singing cables we mic’ed on July 20, 2009. Had I been less intent on […]

the Eiffel Tower

Project concepts targeting the Eiffel Tower

a little more content

…in which we put some more stuff out there. Just uploaded some more files, more for amusement than anything. The first composition based entirely on Assay content is here, plus some older materials for your listening pleasure. Look out, they’re large files.