my T Rex dreams

my T Rex dreams

…in which our our grasp exceeds our natural reach. In our last installment, my quarry escaped because my arms were too short. Thanks to safety railings and other impediments placed to ensure public well-being by well-meaning civil engineers, the objects of our auditory desire are often out of reach. The long—and short—of it is we […]

a new year

…in which we contemplate our tools, website navigation, and another face lift. So much to do, so little time. A well-worn complaint, about to be donned again as the general excuse for so few updates here recently. First of all, when we last checked in on these blog pages, SoundWalk 2010 was coming right up. […]

the second bridge walk

…in which we explore the Marin end and our new contact mic. Well, it happened! Sunday, Jake Dickinson and I spent four hours walking the bridge again, putting the Schertler mic to the test and shooting beaucoup rolls of Fuji 400 color print film. The weather cooperated nicely, starting with a gently clearing mist that […]