nearing the finish line

…in which I pronounce the 2011 makeover nearly done When starting this in May, I was sure it would be wrapped up before June. Let’s just say I learned a lot. And that there was a lot of porting from way back that needed doing. Now almost three weeks into a second month, I can […]

a gong is retired

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…in which we bid farewell to the former WNIU transmitter tower. Well, it happened just a few months after we captured it. Northern Illinois University’s Kishwaukee Hall was demolished in the early fall, and with it the old WNIU tower whose singing cables we mic’ed on July 20, 2009. Had I been less intent on […]


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…in which we find ourselves embarked. …two…one…ignition… Ladies and gentlemen, we have ignition. The files are uploaded. Let the debugging begin! First, the video seems to have a problem. Not sure what it is or whether it’s only on certain browsers. Could be an MP4 codec issue. Could be lots of things. We’ll try some […]