The program

In Sovereign State of Mind: Anthem of New Abalonia, wikiGong presents an audiovisual portrait of an unknown maritime nation at soundpedro2022. Assets developed so far include:

  • absong, a dedicated sample player modeled after last year’s Pour Your Own (musique) Concrète. We’ll be using it to create the sonic backdrop for our evening video presentation, and inviting attendees to compose their own versions on their mobile phones.
  • Motto, a 34-second video loop introducing the New Abalonian motto, “Sovereignty, Sanctuary, Salvage”. Whether it will induce ASMR is up to the mind of the viewer.

There’s more info on “New Abalonia rises,” our first blog entry on the subject.

Finding us

It would figure that by submitting a performance proposal involving a hitherto-undiscovered country, we’d be given a suitably remote location. We’re really excited about the spot–it has an amazing view of the Angels Gate Marina, among other attributes–but it is about as far from the Angels Gate park entry gate as you’re liable to find any other act at soundpedro, at least this year.

Finding the performance

Map of Angels Gate Cultural Center
wikiGong’s Location at soundpedro2022

We’re up past the top of the hill heading back down to Hey Rookie pool. If all goes well, helpful yard signs will direct the intrepid to our spot…

Finding soundpedro2022 first

In case you need them, below are directions to the sponsoring event. The Angels Gate Cultural Center is situated in Angels Gate Park, the former army barracks of Fort MacArthur in San Pedro, California, south of Los Angeles. The barracks and studios are actually up the hill from the center’s physical post office address.

Oh, but before you arrive…

Located within an LA city park, the center is updating its COVID protocols regularly. Current regulations, from the site:

Important Update to COVID-19 Guidelines: In accordance with the City of Los Angeles vaccination ordinance, beginning Monday, November 22, 2021, all AGCC visitors ages 12+ are required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Here’s our map of the surrounding streets with a helpful route suggestion:

Map showing route to Angels Gate Cultural Center
Directions to soundpedro2022

Reciting 2019’s driving directions:

  1. Go south on Gaffey from the bridges from Long Beach or the base of the 110.
  2. Continue south past 32nd St.
  3. Turn at the next entrance into the park on the right.
  4. Then a quick right up the hill.
  5. Look for signs to event parking.

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