today’s installment

Posted by on Aug 2, 2009 in gongs, site history, tools, video, wikiGong | No Comments

…in which we reflect and thank our visitors.

Just musing today, and getting a small update posted. This site reflects a suspicion that many contributors to the world-wide web are simply documenting how our minds work. Generally we do this by writing about what we’re thinking, or interested in, or doing. In some cases it’s all about whom we know and who knows us; in others, we craft portals to some inner sanctum where things can get pretty strange for the intrepid outsider.

Thanks to Roberta for suggesting a video link right on the home page. Since the Golden Gate Bridge is our current focal point — and most of our content — it seems fine to direct visitors right to the main attraction. I’ve added that.

Thanks also to Jake for asking a lot of questions about what constitutes a gong and why megastructures have anything to do with it. I’ve added a whole page on this now and hope it helps explain and provides some amusement along the way.

Jake’s other suggestion — a page or two devoted to gear including recorders and transducers — will be coming up in a future installment.