Spam by Meme

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Spam by Meme

Source material for Oracle du Jour, part of our Long Beach SoundWalk 2012 project, ported from our former wiki.
One of the pestilential joys of webmastering is the review of comments submitted for moderation. In our experience, these comprise less than 0.01% comments from actual human readers; the remainder are left by spambots attempting to insert hyperlink payloads of various sorts, most of them byproducts of “improve your SEO scores” services. The perpetrators’ originating IP addresses are spoofed or obscured through VPNs or other means, so they are most easily grouped by content type rather than by source:

  • Pharma spam, most often blatant ads for ED remedies
  • Porn site spam, often explicit previews hidden by innocent-looking URLs
  • Offers for term paper-writing services
  • Counterfeit-brand merchandizing (no longer prevalent as bot-spam)
  • Generic flattery, with one or more site links attached
  • Vague trouble reports, often soliciting a reply
  • One vast tract on a random topic, peppered with unrelated links

Most of these are readily identified by anti-spam plugins, but some are most ingenious in their attempts to skirt detection.

A free dada poetry generator?

In late 2011 and early 2012, one particular spambot pattern caught our attention: pages-long, clearly machine-generated text, distinguished by an apparently random keyword. Uniquely, this bot was spewing text without any discernible links or easily recognizable payload. And the text—though utter nonsense—was for the most part readable out loud, and hilarious. For example:

“Images of parugu, plaintively optimum clay shall wanna. Ingratitude is the handed curliness. Unattainable execution has been chopped. Unbearably attritional Jacqueline is tightly boning up amidst the Kempton. Pleated Darby is romancing beneath a firefighter.”

That’s from Images of Parugu, below. We collected thirty-three samples between when we noticed the pithiness of the bot’s output and when the thing went silent.

Were these pages the product of some wheezing, glitching automaton with a slow leak between program and payload, or something more sinister? The spam text is unusual for containing transposed or missing characters, even in what would otherwise appear to be machine-generated keywords: some peculiar form of steganography, a few needles of code hidden in haystacks of gibberish? Some sleeper script buried, character by character, beneath apparently random typos? We never managed to figure out what it was doing.

We read excerpts selected at random in performance. Here are all thirty-three, only minimally tidied for readability.




Boneyard images

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Bootloader 3.9 Image 128 Kilobytes

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Brine shrimp image

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