Friday Night in Stockholm, with Super Fly: Trolling for Memes

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…in which we note 304 trackback spams since August 29….

OK, once in a great while we still get to travel on business and then end up in the hotel checking email and the state of the web site on a Friday night because that’s just how it is. And the spam keeps on coming!

Since we stopped monitoring during the runup to SoundWalk 2012, 304 additional candidates for our composition perpétuel “Oracle du Jour” have been deposited at Nothing to compare with the “images of” meme late July and its echoes into early August, alas. Our current favorite:

You are my inhalation , I own few blogs and very sporadically run out from to post .
—Cheap Auto Insurance In South Carolina

It’s clear that trolling for memes is a long-term effort. Some days (weeks?) it will rain gold, some salt, and others the usual spamphish product. Apparently we got lucky with “brineshrimp image” and “Asshead will be camouflaged despite the briskly cnditional jasper.” Just lucky.

But it’s Friday night in Stockholm and we have yet to post much from SoundWalk. The DJ just played “Super Fly”—have we heard that since the ‘seventies?—and the availability of this free connection is fleeting. Just as we were wrapping up the SoundWalk videos last month, we got the invitation to update to WordPress 3.4.2. That wasn’t the time. But how about now?

The world spins faster some days than others. What the hell, why not….

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  1. gongMaster

    And we live to tell the tale. Upgrade successful….