we are wikied

Posted by on Nov 27, 2009 in site history, wikiGong wiki | No Comments

…in which we admit to a two week obsession and release the hounds.

Well, the wiki will celebrate its second week anniversary Sunday. We’ve been dumping much of our spare time into learning the MediaWiki markup language, resizing photos, and re-outlining outlines. The great thing is that it works, and from all over the world as far as we can tell (St. Louis last weekend and Dubai this past Tuesday).

Jacob’s been exercising some of the talk page functions and contributing more graphic content (the new 35mm “logo” on the wiki pages is his). I spent most of the afternoon trying to realign our iconic imagery so the film leader (wiki = work in progress) and the south GGB tower (site = something stable) would ping-pong to help navigate the sites. It’s almost good enough as it is….

Anyway we are now actively seeking contributions at the conceptual level while we work on finding the right engines for sharing the sounds. Technical challenges remain the quicksand of progress. For example, I’ve ripped the WAV files down to MP3 and that saves a whopping 90% thanks to lossy compression. But I need a way to post them alongside the higher-quality copies and that’ll be yet another lost weekend of page design.

Long story short? The wiki links post tonight on the home page.