broken QuickTime

…in which the video doesn’t work any more.

Well, I’m not sure whether it’s me or file sizes or what, but now that we’ve got GGB Assay #2 published — yay! — the movie isn’t functioning — ack!. In fact, it’s been suggested by new visitors that it stopped working a couple of weeks ago. I’m flabbergasted….

It’s probably time to rip the video down to a more reasonable file size anyway and see whether that helps. And maybe embed isn’t the best method, still being non-standard, especially for QT. Could Apple have changed something recently?

It’s been suggested I just go ahead and upload to YouTube and just include a link (Thanks, Robin!). I’m sure that will work. I’ve also included a text string on the video page so you can play the file locally in QuickTime.

Here it is: [Update 2020-04-20: This link has been removed. The post is preserved for historical reasons.]

Both feel like defeat but I’ll get over it, I suppose. Still, other hints are welcome, just contact us.