dear diary

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dear diary

…in which our reach once again exceeds our patience.

This is a preview. What was intended as a single—and already way overdue—blog post up and got too long.

I’ve managed some sound and song postings since October—all elsewhere, naturally—but day-to-day life has seemed a series of nested interruptions. By now the list of topics I’ve meant to write about has gotten arbitrarily long and ridiculously diverse; I’ll start with an outline. Trust me, these are still all connected, somehow:

  • Designing the sequencer of my dreams
  • Installing and learning Pd
  • Sketching a MIDI proof of concept using Pd
  • Crafting metamorphic sequences using same
  • Being completely sidetracked by a top-secret voice recording exercise
  • Fixing the resulting MIDI/USB hub chaos
  • Musing on the death of telephony as we know it
  • Recording and posting some of this
  • Replacing the NAS drive that failed concurrently with the USB hubs
  • Musing on misspent youth
  • Backing stuff up like it’s my last day on earth
  • Recording and posting some of that

Whoa and hmph! Apparently it is time to regroup and reorganize or else sip my way through an eternity of mint juleps while writing my memoirs en route to an early retirement. This is what happens when you don’t document every day, and instead focus on whatever task’s at hand.

A scribe! A scribe! My kingdom for a scribe!

Dear Diary: Links to future content will follow, in flight….