new panda

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new panda

…in which we add to the menagerie.

With the annual Long Beach extravaganza behind us, I decided to rest up with a little synth recording project…which turned into a voice recording project. Blood Moon for Bankers is now into its second project week—because time expands, blah, blah, and, well, lyrics are hard—and it all adds up to not enough time and attention for the new panda, who arrived yesterday.

I’ve been wanting to add a Dave Smith instrument to the menagerie for a while now. This one—the Pro 2—had enough to push me over the line of “got plenty of synths for now” and into ownership. In particular:

  • 16×16 or 32×8 step sequencer
  • analog CV I/O
  • nicely programmed “jump to knob” page functions
  • decent power in the bass register

I’m sure there’s more but it will need to wait until I’ve got a bit more time on my hands. In the meantime, I’m at least liking how the controller “wing” of the studio is shaping up:

Since I’m a complete hack at actually playing a keyboard, it’s hard to justify a stack like this without sequencing. But it shouldn’t take much furniture moving now to get control from the Theremin all the way around the circle to the DAW. And speaking of furniture, it’s rather quaint how the only wood in the studio, besides the floor and the table the DAW and mixer sit on, is in the controllers; everything just looks so ’80s over there.

Too bad pandas are so notoriously difficult to breed in captivity….