that time of year again

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that time of year again

…in which we apply for the tenth and final Long Beach SoundWalk….

As of today, we’ve only sent in our proposal, along with this image based on Jacob’s photo. Our inspiration is to get back to wikiGong’s primary mission and present something at SoundWalk 2013 once again involving field recordings of massive infrastructure. The result should be more similar to our debut’s 2010 ambiance than to the last two years’ programs of back-to-back multi-media performances.

Requiem poster concept

Long Beach’s Gerald Desmond Bridge

This would seem to conform to F.L.O.O.D.’s dictum against mere musical performance:

If the work is characterized solely by elements of pitch, melody, rhythm, tempo or meter and does not explore or incorporate in some meaningful way acoustics, psychoacoustics, electronics, audio technologies, listening actions, performance actions, spatialization, conceptualization, timbralization, found sound, environmental sound,…

…actually, the text gets lopped off here, but you get the idea: the next sentence warns that works involving live animals, etc. will not be considered.

As this will be the last planned Long Beach SoundWalk, the title seemed fitting. Wish us luck…

No Flash: The last lamppost

No Flash: A little bridge music


  1. gongMaster

    As can be seen from the “featured image” above I’m getting a lot of mileage out of Jacob’s photo here. I’ve suggested it might make a nice woodblock print or some such if he’s ever in the mood.

  2. gongMaster

    Update 2013-07-20, Saturday: Our proposal is accepted. wikiGong will be at SoundWalk 2013 on October 5. News came as we were out sampling on the bridge itself; the soundfile above is one of many made that same day.