pretty but dangerous

…in which we ponder WordPress, Web 2.0, and brinkmanship.

Let’s take them in reverse order….

Brinkmanship. Sucks.

But enough about the US debt ceiling, Congress, and network news. While the world ground down its own axle on this self-parody of US braggadocio, I was busy trying to get Google Analytics working again after the site move. Web 2.0, the new DIY frontier, teaches me a humbling lesson each day. Monday’s was just how easy it is to restore hit counters lost, and that it had happened because I’d (re)moved the old home page.

So, stats are up and functioning again, though not without concomitant drama. In the midst of my template editing, a number of pages vanished silently leaving only 404 errors behind. There were some editable effigies accessible in WordPress, but even those wavered in front of my eyes. And that’s the “pretty” part of the story: somehow, the site permalink structure was compromised during the “pretty URL” implementation and had to be restored: one hour of panicked research, three minutes to fix. Hope I was the only one….

At least I know who’s on my side. Next election, I’m voting for WordPress.