and yet another audio experiment

Posted by on May 31, 2011 in audio, blog, site design, wikiGong sounds | 3 Comments

…in which we attempt to revert to Martin Laine’s “Audio” plug-in thanks to Safari’s behavior.
[Update 2020-04-23: Invalid wpAudioPlayer domain link removed.]

Let’s repeat the experiment with the variant syntax:

  • Brooklyn Bridge handrail
  • Golden Gate Bridge handrail

And the result is….
[Update 2020-04-23: Plug-in syntax became invalid when HTML5 support was introduced to WordPress.]


  1. otoplasti

    Did not realize how good sounding Golden Gate Bridge is. So much better than Brooklyn Bridge.

    • gongMaster

      Less stone. More flex. And way longer. Same cable company!

  2. gongmaster

    Yes. Works on Safari. Works on Firefox. Will test others tomorrow….
    Oh, well, it does not work on my Android phone, but so far no Flash does….