wikiGong home…at last

Posted by on Jul 29, 2009 in site design, site history, tools, wikiGong | No Comments

…in which we lose all, yet still snatch victory from the jaws of oblivion.

After posting…and reposting…and republishing…and re-exporting, at last we find out what caused the video to hang. Attention RapidWeaver users! Do not add a sidebar picture to a QuickTime movies page. I’ll report this to RealMac at some point.

And somehow, while posting today’s blog, I hosed the whole file. Lost everything. Despaired. Remembered I was running Time Machine and thus recovered everything back to about two hours prior, of which only a few minutes was work and…if this actually works now…

You know, I have never really trusted Mac since they abruptly terminated their support for SCSI and, despite the fact I am working on a Mac for home and personal work now, the feeling lingers. Sorry, Steve, I just have to cede a bit more control to your consumerist Weltanschauung than I like. I mean, does Time Machine really need to take over the whole drive, right down to renaming? Is there really such a huge chasm between Consumerist Man and someone who just wants to be able to change his own oil? Surely just wanting to run the Time Machine protocol Somewhere Else shouldn’t require a Black Hat pedigree? Ah, well, I digress: Darn glad I had the backup tonight! The restore was as painless as any I’ve used (dammit)

…Voila! We are once more.