success so far, and errata

…in which we ascertain the site is functional, and slightly flawed.

If you haven’t been in on the hours-long conversations, this is the new audio sharing site anchored by the Golden Gate bridge project I’ve been obsessing over. This kind of crept up on me as I thought I’d be playing around with the html editor a lot longer, plus I had meant to do a second take of the bridge using a better mic.

Here’s the first blog as an actually posted site rather than partially launched page matter. I had to republish once to straighten out some problems that came when I dodged the built-in publishing process in RapidWeaver and uploaded by ftp. RapidWeaver let me get something halfway respectable put together in about three days for less than hosting is costing me. But it doesn’t have a Forum form built in — I’m hoping there’s one available from a third party. And I have no way for folks to upload material yet. I’m looking for suggestions there.

Early this morning I tested on the Mac Mac OS X 10.5.7 using Safari Version 4.0.1 and FireFox 3.0.12. This morning I vaulted over to the PC for IE 7. So far, so good. The video even ran on all machines tested so far.

And then of course once you’re out there you remember the stuff you were going to check or correct. My first retractions:

1) Calling SoundCloud “corporate.” Slip of the keyboard, that; it’s more like, “really have their act together.” This is a spectacularly cool site with a lot of quality audio.

2) The vertical cables are called…”suspenders” or “suspension cables” alongside the longer catenaries. “Drop cable” is a telecoms term that wormed its way in somehow.

3) Also, I misrepresented the number of suspenders there are: I added eighty-four inadvertently.