preparing for the next assay

…in which we consider scrubbing the upcoming mission for health reasons.

Well, it’s time for the next assay of the Golden Gate Bridge. The crew this time out will be Jacob J. L. “Jake” Dickinson on still photography, documentation, and personal protection with Dave Ayer once again over-focused on audio sampling. The weather forecast looks pleasant for an early Sunday start.

This time we’ve upgraded our audio tech and will put two new mics to the test: the Schertler DYN-E-SET as used on the WNIU tower and — gods willing — the C-ducer CPM/8 from CT Audio. The CPM/8 takes phantom power, so it introduces yet another box into the mix: the FatPro FBPS-1 battery powered phantom supply. If we have time, Jake and I will document the sound tech for posting as a new page on the site.

As with any expedition, the threat of a last-minute mission scrub is never far away. I’ve spent the last two days at home nursing a cold and not doing much of anything else. Feeling almost human this evening, thirty hours from now I hope to be out on the span. Fingers are crossed….