fixing links and pondering wiki

…in which we discover some cc links pointing to null pages.

How embarrassing. The link “David Ayer” in the gongs cc attribution actually pointed to nothing at all. So much for suavely pointing recursively back to the site. And it happened twice! This upload should fix it for now.

And it appears the tools required for both wiki and a forum are available on Go Daddy after all, complete with install scripts. I’m thinking a wiki approach is the best way to plan GG Bridge Assay 2 and maybe the next few projects. Meanwhile a forum is an obvious step, though I worry about the workload, especially dealing with malignant posts which seem to plague the newbie moderator like mosquitoes at a Midwest outdoor summer wedding. Do I feel another upcoming weekend about to vaporize?

Oh, and apparently we’ve been quietly outed by word of mouth: the site is taking hits. I think that’s good….