checkin’ in

…in which we spend our time upgrading tools rather than our content.

Well, it’s been a month of web stats and we remain a sleepy little site, a largely undiscovered country. After downloading a few web tools, including Google’s, and submitting sitemaps for crawling, we can see that we’re…well, crawled, but hardly popular.

That’s OK. It’s not like the content is piling up faster than it can be devoured by the cc community. We can afford to be a little sleepy right now. Since stasis gets boring after a while (and we have more patience for it than many, it would seem).

It’s also been a month of upgrades: OS X 10.6, then the inevitable reinstallation of printer drivers (that was an unhappy day, did it suck for you, too?), each app launch (it seemed, but at least so far clean), and then tonight RapidWeaver hung before I updated that, too (to 4.3). Overall, still, the cleanest upgrades in the business and no data lost.

Another assay of the GGB is in the planning stages now, stay tuned….