another audio experiment

…in which we attempt to use the “Degradable HTML5 audio and video” plug-in from Pavel Soukenik.

This should be really simple, if we can provide a valid reference. Let’s see:

Pretty clean and very quick. Links are directly to the downloadable mp3 files in our Sounds. It worries me just a bit they are unobfuscated, but that’s a problem for another day. The fact that this took a grand total of thirty minutes including the write-up and a few false starts in the link specifications makes it awesome!

Of course now we need to port this to the wiki, or find the equivalent plug-in….

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  1. gongMaster

    Alas, this player does not appear to work properly in Safari. The 1pixelout version for MediaWiki seems to work fine, though. So we’ll have to try alternative plug-ins. We’ve now settled on Michael Laine’s audio plug-in, so the calls above are no longer valid but left for posterity.