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The wikiGong project adheres to the principles of free sharing for cultural purposes as espoused by the Creative Commons. Most work presented here is shared in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license:

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Except where otherwise stated, works presented by are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Creative Commons licensed material is identified here using the (cc) mark. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike material is marked (cc)BY-SA. More information can be found at the Creative Commons website and at Wikipedia.

[edit] Copyright

wikiGong intends to publish copyrighted work only with the express permission of the copyright holders. US copyright law is extensive and the penalties for abuse can be severe. Please take the law seriously.

Copyrighted material is identified using the (c) mark. When uploading or embedding copyrighted material, be sure to attribute the copyright to its rightful owner and to include the text "Used with permission." Do not submit copyrighted material without permission!

[edit] Fair use

"Fair use" provisions apply only in certain restricted circumstances. Fair use has become increasingly difficult to establish in a court of law. wikiGong is unable to defend its members in legal disputes over fair use and copyright; if in doubt, assume copyright restrictions apply to material you are copying and do not post without permission.

A discussion of some of the issues surrounding copyright and fair use can be found at mediaWiki.

[edit] Enforcement

We strongly discourage posting of copyrighted (c) material on the wiki portions of this site except by the original authors of the work. Because links to attribution and permission information are easily edited or removed, it is essential that those submitting copyrighted material be able to prove they have permission of the copyright holder.

As part of our ongoing editorial process, if we discover copyrighted material placed on the site without attribution or evident permission, it will be removed to protect the interests of our members.