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[edit] Skip the introduction!

The tasks page lists site work that needs doing. Please dive in!

[edit] Purpose

wikiGong is a web project pursuing the interests of a few people fascinated by very large man-made structures. Inspired by the Indonesian gamelan ensemble, we catalog the sounds made by real megastructures and in so doing create virtual instruments. These are available for use in performances or musical compositions by anyone so inclined. Links to and excerpts from future works will be hosted here, too.

Why we do this is probably best explained at our parent site.

[edit] Contact us

Discuss the Wiki, posting, editorial largesse, and policies: Also feel free to use the Wikimaster discussion page.

Discuss the site, concept, and projects:

Discuss the ccHost function, including uploads, downloads, remixing, and attribution:

Contact any of us with your return email address and login name you'd like to use to join up, access the Wiki or ccHost Sounds pages, and contribute. The Wiki and Sounds pages use two separate databases, so please let us know which services you want to use so we can create your login.

[edit] Join us

We hope you'll join us online or at an upcoming event.

[edit] Creating an account

If you'd like to contribute to this project please contact us at one of the above addresses to discuss the pros and cons of membership.

[edit] Privileges

Privileges are adjusted on this wiki to favor human users. In brief, anyone can:

  • Read pages

The following operations require you to respond to a challenge question:

  • Create pages
  • Edit pages

A user account accords the following additional privileges to logged-in users:

  • Skip further challenge questions!
  • Move pages and their subpages
  • Upload files
  • Overwrite existing files
  • Mark edits as minor

The privileges for user classes may be changed by an administrator from time to time and may change without notice. Detailed user rights by class are listed on the special page ListGroupRights.

[edit] Uploading material

  • File types currently supported include only the graphic formats png, gif, jpg, jpeg. Upload of files in audio formats will be enabled as soon as media server settings are finalized.
  • File size for uploads is currently limited to 8 MB per file, including meta-data.

Upload can be initiated using the Special:Upload link in the sidebar toolbox. Files in the current database can be viewed using Special:ListFiles.

[edit] Help and support

Discuss any wiki problems or issues:

We'll start a Q&A wiki section soon, too.

[edit] Policies

See the wikiGongMain:General_disclaimer page for the fine print about governance, rights, privileges, and consequences of using / abusing this site.

[edit] Work with us

The tasks page lists site work that needs doing. Please dive in!