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wikiGongMain self-registration is currently restricted due to a wave of vandalism. Feel free to browse or to contact us for a brief chat if you'd like access. As soon as we have adequate protections in place, we'll be open for walk-in business again. Thanks for understanding!
wikimaster 20:40, 10 March 2011 (MST)

wikiGongMain wiki sitemap

  • site stuff
    • community Who we are. Why we do this. Join us.
    • current events What's going on.
    • tasks Work that needs doing. Please dive in!
    • policies The fine print. Governance, rights, privileges, and consequences of using / abusing this site.
  • projects What our members are doing.
    • works in progress Projects currently under way.
    • submissions Compositions, sound files, etc. This is what wikiGong was set up to do: collect content.
  • proposals What would make a good gong?
    • See definitions on our blog pages here.
  • tools What we use to do what we do.
    • gear All about the hardware.
    • software Software and other tools for planning, mapping, capturing, manipulating.
    • resources Useful things, increasingly available on the web.
  • methods How we do it, or at least how we propose to do it.
    • assays Recording the sonic aspects of large man-made structures for contemplation and reuse.
    • gongMob! Group actions aimed at playing world megastructures live and en masse.
    • catalogs Sonic output for reuse and remixing.
    • remixes Remix capabilities we envision.
    • postings Providing a forum for sounds, compositions, and other products of the community.
  • context Indirect attempts to establish meaning.
    • history Those who came before, many still active today.
    • commentary What people have said and are saying about sound as art.
    • links Contribute vectors to the site and other topics of interest to the community.
  • more? Edit the page or suggest using the talk page.