Listening to Jun Kaneko

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Listening to Jun Kaneko

Kaneko 01 110212 med.jpg

The first hint that the X10 mic setup was troublesome turned up in Milan as we toured the Cimitero Monumentale interviewing angels. We picked up a lot of ambient noise--much of it quite high-frequency--and not much resonance. As soon as we were back in the States, we conducted two surveys in downtown San Jose with Jun Kaneko's ceramic Dangos outside the San Jose Repertory Theatre as our targets.

Kaneko 02 110212 med.jpg

Kaneko 03 110212 med.jpg

The differences between the X10 and Schertler mics are clear. The X10 is picking up ambient midrange and high-frequency noise almost exclusively, while the Schertler is picking up the sound of the resonant cavity itself. So, with the X10, you get more or less what you'll hear just listening around the sculptures, while the Schertler captures what you'll hear if you press your ear up against one of Kaneko's monoliths.

Kaneko 04 110212 med.jpg