pretty but dangerous

…in which we ponder WordPress, Web 2.0, and brinkmanship. Let’s take them in reverse order…. Brinkmanship. Sucks. But enough about the US debt ceiling, Congress, and network news. While the world ground down its own axle on this self-parody of US braggadocio, I was busy trying to get Google Analytics working again after the site […]

decisions, decisions….

…in which we circle WordPress like a cat around the stewpot, while our thoughts run on ahead. As with any tools investigation, it’s great to have a pilot project in mind. In this case we’ve got more than one, which may be a problem: Tuning up the static pages’ look and feel in preparation for […]

a new day, a new tool

a new day, a new tool

…in which we contemplate what it is to blog. A bit over two years into this experiment, we’ve started to recognize how some of our habits fit into the Web 2.0 Zeitgeist. For example, a significant part of what we–the site admins here at–are doing online is blogging: talking about our projects, thought patterns, […]