SoundWalk 2013 project


[edit] A LOT project

[edit] Dateline: 2013-09-15 (frames are roughed out)

[edit] Dateline: 2013-09-13 (lucky Friday)

Model 1 first article

Yesterday, Jacob was notified the venue has been changed. Well, good thing we didn't print those fliers or send email to all our friends yet. More to see and wonder at on A LOT's page, where the details are inconsistent but some pointers have been updated to Long Beach Boulevard and 8th Street.

At any rate, it won't be where it was!

For last week's urgent activity, see LePai_Amp_Modification. Come to think of it, that's this weekend's urgent Long Beach activity, too!

[edit] Punch list

  • [LB] = To be done in Long Beach
  • [SJ] = To be done in San Jose
  • [WG] = To be done jointly (on-line?)

[edit] To do

  • A LOT frames
    • Attach mounting hardware [LB]
    • Mount LePai amps to back panels [LB]
    • Mount back panels on frames [LB]
    • Adhere 32 exciters to 8 front panels [LB]
  • Sound files
    • Load MP3 samples onto USB sticks [LB]

[edit] Done

  • Lighting
    • Select product: Target "Room Essentials" will do
  • Amps and audio drivers
    • Complete amp modifications for buttons [LB]
    • Solder leads to audio exciters [LB]
  • Photographs
    • Adhere sample photo to panel and test audio response [LB]
    • Complete photo enhancements/adjustments if needed [LB]
    • Complete photo selection [WG]
  • Sound files
    • Select, normalize, and trim loops [SJ]
    • Complete sound file selection [WG]
  • A LOT frames
    • Cut holes and mount switches to front panels [LB]
    • Assemble panels in frames [LB]
    • Adhere 8 enlarged photos to front panels [LB]
    • Cut front and back panels [LB]
    • Choose final mounting hardware [LB]
    • Fabricate next eight frames [SJ]
    • Cut frame lumber to length
    • Complete first article (see photo)
  • Amplifier and modification experiments
      Outcome = LePai_Amp_Modification
    • Document modification instructions
    • Photograph method
    • Lighted pushbutton hack
    • Pushbutton hack
    • Dis-assembly and analysis
    • Audio exciter loading (1, 2, 4 per amp/frame)
    • Soundfile loading tests
  • Procurement
    • Extension cords for lights and frames [LB]
    • Mounting hardware for lights [LB]
    • Speaker wire for audio exciters [LB]
    • Mounting hardware for frames on fence [LB]
    • Telephone extension wire for switch connections [LB]
    • Purchase 8 gooseneck lamps [LB]
    • Purchase and print final 8 blow-ups [LB]
    • Hanging hardware for frames [SJ]
    • Purchase and print sample blow-up from Costco [LB]
    • Hardware, tape, and incidentals for 16 box frames
    • Wood for 16 box frames
    • Illuminated pushbuttons and electrical hardware
    • Restock audio exciters (at least 32)
    • Next seven LePai amps for construction
    • "Plastic cardboard"
    • First two LePai amps for verification
    • Initial shipment of eight audio exciters
  • Frame and resonator experiments
      Outcome = "Plastic cardboard" on wooden box frame
    • "Plastic cardboard" on wooden box frame
    • "Plastic cardboard" fabricated box
    • "Plastic cardboard" in aluminum frame
    • Clear acrylic in aluminum frame
    • Clear acrylic
    • "Plastic cardboard"
    • Foamcore
    • Foam insulation
  • Gerald Desmond Bridge Assay #1
    • Overall canvass of the surrounds
    • Video
    • Photographs
    • Sound samples
  • Statement (What is this for: Twitter?)
  • Contract
  • Application

[edit] SoundWalk

[edit] To do

  • Secure site assignment from FLOOD [LB]
  • Procure lighting if outdoors [LB]
  • Complete A LOT preparations [WG]

[edit] Done

  • Statement
  • Photos
  • Application