Wherein your humble narrators attempt to select a heartbreaking few (i.e., eight) of all their imagistic works of staggering genius, to be reincarnated as pictures at an exhibition which can play the accompanying music.

9500638104_04f53a42f9.jpg 9399438154_fee7670a6d_b.jpg [Flickr page]

9500638104_04f53a42f9.jpg original Flickr page


Here is the small (240) size as it lays out "naturally":

9500638104_04f53a42f9_m.jpg 9399440456_6a732d517c_m.jpg 9399420126_5961d1b744_m.jpg 9399438154_fee7670a6d_m.jpg 9359652259_0f48dbc661_m.jpg 9359632871_19d400836a_m.jpg 9360539726_966106e007_m.jpg

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