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(new on the wiki!)
(new on the wiki!)
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=new on the wiki!=
=new on the wiki!=
We're Introducing our new '''travelogue page format''' March 2011:<br/>
'''March 2011'''
:[[Image:GGB_110226_NTower_med.JPG|32px|link=Golden_Gate_Bridge_assay_3]] '''[[Golden_Gate_Bridge_assay_3]]'''&mdash;Jacob and Dave assail the GGB again February 26, 2011<br/>
* We're trialing our new '''travelogue page format''' for February's efforts
::[[Image:Denver_110221_Mbridge_Mast_med.JPG|32px|link=The_Denver_Millennium_Bridge]] '''[[The_Denver_Millennium_Bridge]]'''&mdash;samples from February 21, 2011<br/>
'''February 2011'''
:[[Image:Denver_110220_Bronc_Buster_med.JPG|32px|link=Monumental_Denver]] '''[[Monumental_Denver]]'''&mdash;a tour of the city's bronze from February 20, 2011<br/>
:[[Image:GGB_110226_NTower_med.JPG|32px|link=Golden_Gate_Bridge_assay_3]] '''[[Golden_Gate_Bridge_assay_3]]'''&mdash;Jacob and Dave assail the GGB again February 26<br/>
::[[Image:Kaneko_01_110212_med.jpg|32px|link=Tools#Android_field_test:_listening_to_Jun_Kaneko]] '''[[Tools#Android_field_test:_listening_to_Jun_Kaneko|An Android field test]]'''&mdash;listening to Jun Kaneko's sculptures in San Jose<br/>
::[[Image:Denver_110221_Mbridge_Mast_med.JPG|32px|link=The_Denver_Millennium_Bridge]] '''[[The_Denver_Millennium_Bridge]]'''&mdash;samples from February 21<br/>
:[[Image:Denver_110220_Bronc_Buster_med.JPG|32px|link=Monumental_Denver]] '''[[Monumental_Denver]]'''&mdash;a tour of the city's bronze from February 20<br/>
::[[Image:Kaneko_01_110212_med.jpg|32px|link=Listening_to_Jun_Kaneko]] '''[[Listening_to_Jun_Kaneko|An Android field test]]'''&mdash;listening to Jun Kaneko's ''Dango'' sculptures in San Jose February 12<br/>
:[[Image:Interviewing_alt.JPG|32px|link=Projects#interviewing_angels]] '''[[Projects#interviewing_angels|Interviewing angels]]'''&mdash;a visit to Milan, Italy, and the ''Cimitero Monumentale'' February 10<br/>
=wikiGongMain wiki sitemap=
=wikiGongMain wiki sitemap=

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Due to a high vandalism rate on our pages we have put some basic security measures in place. Most of the wiki pages here still allow anonymous edits but ask you to respond to a visual challenge; a few, like this one, require you to log in first. We regret any inconvenience to our former casual contributors, and of course you are still welcome to join us! Please do sign up for a user account if you'd like to contribute. See a more detailed explanation and other news at Current_events.

new on the wiki!

March 2011

  • We're trialing our new travelogue page format for February's efforts

February 2011

GGB 110226 NTower med.JPG Golden_Gate_Bridge_assay_3—Jacob and Dave assail the GGB again February 26
Denver 110221 Mbridge Mast med.JPG The_Denver_Millennium_Bridge—samples from February 21
Denver 110220 Bronc Buster med.JPG Monumental_Denver—a tour of the city's bronze from February 20
Kaneko 01 110212 med.jpg An Android field test—listening to Jun Kaneko's Dango sculptures in San Jose February 12
Interviewing alt.JPG Interviewing angels—a visit to Milan, Italy, and the Cimitero Monumentale February 10

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    • gongMob! Group actions aimed at playing world megastructures live and en masse.
    • catalogs Sonic output for reuse and remixing.
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