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[edit] The canon

Those who came before, many still active today.

Bertoia, Harry
Bertoia's Sonambient® sculptures translate external stimuli like wind, rain, or touch into movements which, in turn, trigger sound as the metal elements collide with each other. Museums that forbid touching of the works will lose much of the impact if they're indoors. His son Val plays a barnful of works in this video.
Bick, Andreas
Bick's Silent Listening blog shows among other things that we are not alone. Absolutely gorgeous recordings of the sounds of ice as well as samplings from around the world. Pristine!
Bullitt, John T.
John Bullitt's portfolio includes time-stretched recordings of phenomena ranging from earthquakes to water glasses. Recordings can be listened to and purchased on his site. Amazing stuff.
Cage, John
Cage defies categorization. One nice bit of insight on the web is Indeterminacy. Please add some more pointers to good bits, stories if you have them.
Fontana, Bill
Bill Fontana has been working in this medium since the 1970's. And the photos on his site imply Bill's actually been up the Golden Gate towers. His work appears regularly at SFMOMA; the latest will be on exhibit through November 6, 2011.
Nancarrow, Conlon
Nancarrow's works for player piano predate MIDI by forty years and introduce a music too temporally complex for human performance.
Shafer, R. Murray
Shafer coined the term "soundscape" in the 1970's and introduced it to the academic community in the astonishing book The Tuning of the World, and with his World Soundscape Project. There's a smidgen of information on our site and quite a bit on Wikipedia; we encourage you to add more.
Tinguely, Jean
Inventor of metamechanics--machines that reflect the dark side of Modern--Tinguely continued working until 1990 on large mechanical constructions with significant sonic aspects. Among the most notorious were the self-destructing machine sculptures of the 1960's, though many works survive.
Another hard-to-type sonic inventor based in Washington, Trimpin constructs complex, computer-driven music machines. Lots of examples have made it to YouTube.

[edit] Candidates

Add to this list. Find and post links when possible....

Pomassl, Franz
Satie, Erik

[edit] Commentary

What people have said and are saying about sound as art / art as sound.

[edit] Resources

Useful things we've found in our meanderings, many used or linked on our pages.

Audio Map of the World
This BBC-sponsored "Save our Sounds" project invites geotagged audio uploads. (How is licensing handled?)
ccHost bug reporting
Log bugs against the ccHost application supporting uploads of samples and mixes on You'll need to create a SourceForge account if you don't already have one.
ccHost feature requests
Submitting feature requests also requires a SourceForge account.
Creative Commons based site for mixture and admixture of audio content ad infinitum. The ccMixter engine is available for embedding and is our current sample sharing engine.
Composers Desktop Project
UK-based group aspiring to turn practically anything into fodder for musical composition: "CDP is an international network of composers and programmers guided by a vision of amazing sonic possibilities and how they can be woven into the fabric of music. We have been working together since 1986."
Useful for posting still photos, among other things.
Dr. Lily Asquith has converted data from subatomic particle collisions at the Large Hadron Collider into soundscapes and advocates making sound out of anything on her blog. The LHCsound library has several examples, but do allow time and/or bandwidth for the page to load.
Former San Francisco electronic toy shoppe cum educational project house. 589 1/2 Haight St. @ Steiner.
Listen and post work on this alternative to ccMixter. This tech is heading towards mainstream monetization with an emphasis on copyright protection, one reason we decided to use ccHost to share.
SuperCollider is an open source synthesis tool for the object oriented. More fun from our friends @ SourceForge.
Twice Zonked
Insight into sound as art and a fine collection of curiosities, generously annotated.
Virtual Turntable
Victor Stone's blog including ccMixter genesis and ongoing commentary. What they'll do if Victor leaves is too frightening to contemplate.

[edit] Shameless self-promotion

Members, please feel free to link to your projects and pages here.

Jacob Dickinson's photo stream on Flickr
Jacob has published, among other things, more shots of our second GGB assay.
Mr. Yesterday's channel on YouTube
Not many videos, lots of favorites. A paean to personal taste, or lack thereof.
Napkin art
A part-time obsession indulged while waiting for meals and traveling to sound assays....